Covid-19 Update – September 20th, 2022

Data from Covid-19 Resources Canada can be found HERE.

Nova Scotia continues to lead the Country in Hazard Index.

Total infections have decreased a bit, but remain much higher than reports from PCR data from NS Gov (see below). Many of these infections could be prevented by improving vaccine access for those who want them, as waning immunity is an considerable issue considering about 1/2 the population has received at least one booster. Masking continues to be one of the most protective measures and could be preventing countless unnecessary deaths and disability. The Chief Public Health Officer recommends the use of N95 masks where possible. Indoor air quality improvements would provide significant protections and be a real move towards our “New Normal” that steers clear of more politicalized protections and it is widely supported.

Infection rate per capita have decreased, but still remain above the Canadian Average,
Nova Scotia is behind death reporting by almost a year, so this data represents pre-omicron variants. We know there are a large number of excess deaths not attributed to Covid-19 that coincide with known waves, especially in younger age groups. Some of the largest peaks of excess deaths represents people under the age of 44. This is highly concerning since we know Omicron has not been “more mild” and that we have seen more deaths and complications in 2022, compared to 2021 and 2020. This increase in known Covid-19 deaths may suggest we should expect an increase in excess deaths when that data is eventually reported.
At present, about 2.5% of the population is experience infection or Long Covid symptoms limiting activities of daily life. Considering that frontline and healthcare workers are at high risk of repeated exposure and infection, that percentage is likely higher for those groups. Community public health protections help to lower those numbers so we have more workers, better healthcare services, and can actually strengthening the economy without wasting tax dollars on preventable infection and disability that keep people from work.
Omicron kills about 10 times more people than the Flu in Nova Scotia and is the 3rd leading cause of death. It is coming closer to Heart Disease, the second leading cause of death. This trend has also been noted in other countries.
This would be a good time to look at getting a booster for Covid-19 for those interested. Further information about booking Vaccines in NS can be found HERE.