IAQ Resources

Check out some Great Infographics from the Canadian Aerosol Transmission Coalition:

Don’t forget to make your concerns heard! Our elected reps are supposed to be our voice in Government and this is an issue that affects everyone. So on Monday call, write, text, or tweet your MLA for #mlaMonday and tell them your concerns (contact information can be found below) or join PoPNS’s #TellHitTuesday campaign and call your premier’s office!

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Some of Our Favorite IAQ Resources on Covid-19-Specific Topics:

See what experts at the Imperial College London have to say about CO2 air quality monitoring in schools:

 “The monitors empower teachers to strike a balance between good ventilation and warmth during winter. We are pleased that the government is taking evidence-based action to address air quality and COVID-19 spread in schools.”

Dr Henry Burridge Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

The Corsi-Rosenthal Box: DIY Air Filter for COVID-19

“The Corsi-Rosenthal Box is a homemade air cleaning system that can reduce indoor exposure to airborne particles that contain the virus that causes COVID-19. It can also reduce the levels of other particles in the air, such as dust or wildfire smoke. These filters are being used in homes and schools, and can be an affordable temporary solution for a variety of agricultural settings, including office spaces and break rooms. While they are not HEPA air cleaners, recent testing at UC Davis and elsewhere has shown that the box can be more effective than HEPA air cleaners… “

Explore a new tool from our Harvard Healthy Buildings Program that allows you to see how masking, social distancing, ventilation, and other factors impact the risk of COVID-19 transmission. The tool is based on a peer-reviewed paper published in PNAS led by Dr. Parham Azimi.

Rebuttal Matrix for Advocates of Air Filtration in Schools Based on Common Barriers – Very helpful in speaking to your Elected Rep or School Administer if facing accessibility issues.

Amanda Hu‘s IAQ Matrix.

This matrix is really helpful for advocates for air filtration in schools as part of multilevel protection from Covid-19.