Provincial Covid-19 Statistics Visualized

Canada Provincial Covid-19 Statistics
by Bill Comeau

Bill Comeau is a retired statisation and chart maker that has been putting out some amazing data throughout the pandemic. You can check out his site HERE or follow him on twitter for updates.

New Brunswick is seeing 10 times more deaths, 6 times more hospitalizations, and 7 times less ICU cases than this time last year. The reduction in ICU could represent less severe outcomes with vaccinations, however this isn’t well supported by the increased death rate. Another possible explanation is that there is simply a reduction of the time Covid-19 patients are in ICU, more are being handled in “step down units” especially if ICU is simply running out of resources to manage Covid-related overcapacities. Due to highly restricted testing, I assume that infection rates are no longer accurate or comparable to last year.
Newfoundland and Labrador is experiencing 20 times more deaths and 3 times more hospitalizations than this time last year.
Nova Scotia is experiencing 16 times more cases of Covid-19 (a likely underestimate considering PCRs are not available to most), 38 times more deaths, 10 times more hospitalizations with 8 times more people in the ICU compared to this time last year.
PEI is seeing 5 times more deaths, 10 times more hospitalizations, and additional ICU care required for Covid-19 infections compared to this time last year.

You can follow real-time updates from Bill on his site or his twitter thread below: